Update available for the CAIN CZ

I have managed to ban the artifacts on the CZ if you are using the shape knob. In addition I used the opportunity to add two more features. You now can change the carrier wave from sine to a number of waveshapes. This adds somtimes a subtle or a strong change of timbre to the sound. In addition a key tracking feature is added to shape the sound, by defining to which extend the distortion should react.

You might want to try the following patch ideas:

Sag Ja

ShapePhase Distortion1o’clock
Shift ShapeResonance6-7o’clock
Param 1Wave1value
Param 2Carrier24value
Param 3Env Type1value
Param 4Env Modulation-50value
Param 5Env Speed-42value
Param 6Key Track100value

You might have to tweak it a bit, but I think you get the general idea.


ShapePhase Distortion6-7o’clock
Shift ShapeResonance6-7o’clock
Param 1Wave1value
Param 2Carrier1value
Param 3Env Type5value
Param 4Env Modulation100value
Param 5Env Speed-22 – +9value
Param 6Key Track100value
CASIO CZ style trumpet sound

If you are trying the above on a mini- or prologue, I would be very happy to receive some feedback.


  1. hi Pete, trying to download most recent CainCZ. use download button on CainCZ page. Most recent is 1.3, but it could only find 1.2..

  2. Hi John, sorry the file upload went wrong for the minilogue and the prologue versions. I fixed that now.

    • thanks pete! I like what you did with the envelopes. Squeezing modulation options into these minimal controls is a challenge. The ‘two-control’ Envelope Choice and Envelope Speed is a very capable solution. It would be nice if we had the capability to change the front panel menu strings during runtime.

  3. hi, I love both of your cz implemantations. the cz-101 was my second synth and still have it.
    its amazing how you managed to get this whole synth (and even more) under the hood.
    love the trumpet envelope – did you try wave 18 instead of 1? for me this sounds even better… (reduced the env depth to ~70….
    thanks a lot for your work

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