Here I share my developments for the KORG multi engine with you. So far there are two user oscillator units available. More things and improvements are to come.

The following user units for the KORG *logue series are available to you on a free donation base.

The CAIN CZ oscillator is a user unit for the KORG *logue series (NTS-1, Minilogue XD, and Prologue), that provides a range of phase distortion wave forms inspired by the Casio Cosmo Synthesizer series.available
The KRYSTAL oscillator is a user unit for the KORG *logue series (NTS-1, Minilogue XD, and Prologue). It is available to give you that extra sparkle for pads. It is a model of a breaking object, with the option to move in the motion and control it. available
The CAIN++ oscillator is a Karplus Strong implementation for plugged instruments like guitar, koto, or bass. available
The WTF is a totally different story... It is an oscillator, which you have to fix before you can use it. Fix the ground hum (50, 60 and 400 Hz), clean the contacts, exchange the capacitor to stabilize its sound ... available
CAIN FXHere you can find effects for the *logue multi engine:
  • 3DC - chorus
  • Cain D - chorus
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I am developing these user units in my spare time because I am fascinated by electronic instruments and the vast capabilities of dsp based synthesis. You are welcome to make use of the outcome free of charge. Still I would greatly appreciate a small donation, so that I can continue my development and that I will eventually be able to afford a Minilogue XD or maybe even a Prologue. As of now I develop and test the user units on a NUTEKT NTS-1, only. So, if you think the user units are useful, inspiring or fun. Then please return to the page and donate whatever you think it is worth.

Here are some ideas on what you could donate if you are thinking…

“Improves my NUTEKT NTS-1 by 1%” 1€
“I’ll buy you a coffee for your efforts” 2€
“Did I put my pants on before leaving the house?” 5€
“Improves my minilogue XD by 1 %” 6€
“Improves my prologue by 1%” 10€
“I’ll buy you a minilogue XD, so you can work out the details on the parameters for that unit.” 600€

I think Oleg Burdaev does a great job with his work so you might want to check him out, too: https://github.com/dukesrg/logue-osc and https://github.com/dukesrg/logue-fx. Look for the ‘You can get the lastest precompiled versions of the effects in releases section.’ for instant results and otherwise just enjoy the code.

For futher cool stuff, it is alway worth while to look at https://hammondeggsmusic.ca/logueplugins.html!