I earned myself a MinilogueXD

I want to thank everyone, who contributed to my first goal, that I finally can (or could) buy a minilogue xd from the donations.

Ok, I have to admitt, that I treated myself to a plologue 16 and am happy with it and also happy with the possibility of extended testing on that machine.

Another very important thing to me is feedback on the oscillators and effects which I provide.

Unfortunately I get very little feedback but from the number of downloads it seems, like a lot of people at least gave them a shot.

Any feedback is valuable for me to further improve my stuff or to come up with new things.

Thank you all. And the next updates are planned.


  1. Nolan McFadden

    Hey, i was excited to try out your CZ2 and Human oscillators on my XD, i donated and downloaded and am now confused…. The files are MNLGXDUNIT files, while all the other user oscillators i’ve downloaded from other developers are MNLGXDLIB files, and the two i downloaded from you are not showing up in my XD unit, despite dropping them neatly into the User OSC list just like all the rest…. Is there something i’m missing or don’t know about? Can you help me out, i’m a relative noob at all this so maybe i just don’t know something yet 馃檨

    Thanks a bunch, peace

    • Hi Nolan,
      thank you very much for reaching out to me.

      The work I provide are user units for the user engine. So basically they are new oscillators or effects, which can be used for creating a broader variety of individual sounds on the respective synth, which you are using.

      These can be loaded into your unit using the minilogue xd Sound Librarian in the tab ‘USER OSCILLATORS’ respectively in the ‘USER MODULATION FX’ or the others, depending on the type of effect you have downloaded.

      MNLGXDLIB files are sound presets, which make use of the existing capabilities of the minilogue XD. MNLGXDUNIT files enable you to add new features to the synth in general. In your case, they enable you to have new oscillator types for the Multi oscillator.

      I hope the above helps. If that is not what you were looking for, then ping me and I will refund your donation.

      In general, thank you for your attitude and willingness to gratify other peoples work. I chose the donation model, so that people can try it out and only donate, if they enjoy my work and find it useful.

      Cheers and peace,


      • Nolan McFadden

        Thanks so much for responding, Pete! As IT happens, i tried the same procedure again and IT worked the second time, for no reason that i can see…. But they’re in there now, and the fun shall ensue! Thanks so much again! 馃檪

  2. Hi Cain, just leaving some quick feedback thoughts having seen your post.

    I really love what you are doing here. From my perspective, I am using the NTS-1 in abstract contexts, e.g. for noise / drone / sound-design rather than in a melodic or song-based context (which I think is the assumed use-case for a lot of plug-ins). So for me, while I think all your creations are good and worthwhile, Krystal and WTF stand out to me as particularly amazing and unique in the NTS field. WTF is a brilliant concept: I love being able to tweak all the messy noisy sounds where usually the aim of designers is ‘clean and controlled’. And Krystal is like nothing else, allowing me to set loose this semi-predictable flurry of sound particles to treat and effect. Because I’m working texturally, I almost always have the envelope of my NTS open, and Krystal is one of the only oscillators I’ve found that does something other than drone when the envelope is open. It is a beautiful oscillator, something to really dig into and learn, and really unique as far as I know.

    From my (niche, obscure, limited) perspective, more of these weird and atypical plug-ins would be very desirable! But mainly I just want to express that you are doing a great job already: thank you!

    All the best,
    Tom / Hardworking Families

    • Hi Tom,
      thank you so much for your comment. I am very happy, that you put the WTF to work as it was anticipated by me, while I was designing it.
      As you mention the lack of amplitude envelopes … in the CCZ2 I mapped the envelopes resp. some loops to the DCA and DCA in some of the envelope combinations, which are starting from 75 to 100.
      My brother already has the next challenge prepared – which is his good right after the awesome visuals he did for the HUMAN and the CCZ2. I am still in the research and explore phase on that one, since it needs some serious number crunching and at least for now looks kind of complex.
      Hopefully I will be able to start to share some preliminary results within this month.

  3. Hi Cain,

    I live in California, and I just found your oscillators and effects. I was taken aback by the sheer content and quality. I read that you were able to get a Prologue, CONGRATS!! that’s on my list too. I picked up a MiniXD and NTS-1 (for this very same reason) to make custom oscillators, but I have been releasing music instead for the past year and I wanted to add some new capabilities. I know it’s not much, but I sent you 10 euros today so look for that. I’m going to load the batch into the two boxes in a few. Just wanted to say hey. FUNFACT… The lowly…(sic) XP-10 has a unique hardware Arp that Syncs to MIDI can Arp Dual layers per key and have dual instrument splits across the keyboard so in essence you criss-cross the two Korgs and/or any variation of synths you can add, play and control. They never put this Arp on another synth since…its called appropriately Dual X.. It borrows from the Sync24 technology that became the SBX series, and then the MX-1 Scatter and the Scatter in general relies on its ability to reach out and grab all the midi and force it to sync in some way. It’s no wonder they never included the base full functionality again except as a feature headliner Scatter! I use this with my Korg R3 and holy jeepers its crazy. Again thanks for the add-ons, your talent is amazing!

    • Hi Kelly,
      thank you for the words and I hope you will enjoy the units. More to come for sure. Reworking the CainD currently and my bro set up another WTF challenge to tackle but be asured, there’s also more usable stuf on its way as well. And of course thanks for the donation! I am exited, happy and fulfilled like a child for each one 馃榾
      The Dual X you describe sounds like an interesting concept. Unfortunately Korg does not expose the BPM/clock to the oscillator interface… otherwise I would have tried to make use of the concept.

  4. Hello,
    I bought the NTS-1 expecting a thriving community of developers but I found very few. Your efforts are of great use to me and I hope that you make more weird and less “musical” plugs and effects. The more weird, the better. I do not even have to understand all the parameters. Exploration is also creating. If you create a Patreon page, I will join.

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Michael,
      welcome to the club of NTS-1 enthusiasts 馃檪 and I am happy to hear, that you are having fun with my ‘cartridges’. Make sure to look into https://korginc.github.io/logue-sdk/unit-index/ if you have not done so, yet. Korg maintains a list of plug-ins there.

      I am working on further effects and oscillator models and hope to release some more interesting ones until end of this year.


  5. Hey, I just wanted to thank and congratulate you on your efforts, I’ve only just downloaded them and have yet to dig in and be able to provide some useful feedback but I’ll certainly report back and donate something for your hard work, after a brief play the seem excellent, especially the CZ Osc..

    (Now to try to resist “needing” an minilogue xd) Much love and respect!

    • Hey Oll,
      thank you for the kind workds and I am happy, that you are enjoying the Oscs. I plan to get active soon again and provide some more.

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