Cain CZ2


CainCZ2 or CCZ2 is a new oscillator model based on the same concept as the original CainCZ.

But it now comes with two lines, which can be detuned and ring modulated.

The envelopes have been extended and also some true BPM loops have been added.

It is possible to assign different wave combinations to the lines and in some combinations it is even possible to use the envelopes as envelope for the DCW (digitally controlled wave) and the DCA (digitally controlled amplifier)


ShapeControls the amount of phase distortion.
Shift ShapeAdds a pseudo resonance to the wave forms in modes 1 – 47 or acts as a volume mixer of the lines in modes greater than 47
User Parameter 1
Selects the mode of the two synthesis lines. There are options for
single line, or two lines with detune, octave, 5th, or 7th. In addition,
the lines can be either mixed or a ring modulation can be applied
between the two.
User Parameter 2
Selects the wave shape from a total of 100 available phase distortion
combinations, or different wave shape combinations for each of the
two lines.
User Parameter 3
Selects envelope- or loop combinations to be used on the lines.
User Parameter 4
Define the envelope depth
(-100% to +100%)
User Parameter 5
Define the speed of the envelope.
For loops the basic speed at 05 is 100 bpm. It can be varied between ~0 to 200 bpm.
User Parameter 6
Key Track
Define the key tracking behavior of the phase distortion


Install the KORG librarian on your computer and connect your *logue device to your computer. Please make sure, that you backup your *logue device to the computer and that you save the backup file before installing any new user units.

Download the user unit for your device using the below link.

Drag the user unit into an oscillator slot of your librarian and send it to your device.

Please be aware, that you are using the plugins at your own risk. Even though I carefully test my work I cannot take over any responsibility concerning data loss or damage done to your equipment.


If you think the plugin is useful, inspiring or fun. Then please return to the page and donate whatever you think it is worth.

You can find the download link down below. Please make sure to select the correct user unit. I hope you have fun.

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Version 1.0.1

  • Initial version

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