A new Challenge

My brother Mike continuously supports me by providing his great artwork to to give the user units an identity.

He came up with the first cartridge design, which has the look and feel of an early 80s computer cartrige, inspired by the Commodore 64 and design elements of the Casio CZ synthesizers.

Then, when I described my idea of an oscillator, which emulates breaking glass, he immediately started to work on the next one.

It took him 2 days to finalize the Cain++ design after I started to outline my idea of my Karplus-Strong type oscillator. I am absolutely amazed with what he did.

By the time he finished it, he approached me with the following:

“Up until now I created desigs which match the sound character of your work. Let’s turn this thing around. I wonder with what kind of oscillator you come up with for this:

Well, what can I say?

Challenge accepted!