A new Challenge

My brother Mike continuously supports me by providing his great artwork to to give the user units an identity.

He came up with the first cartridge design, which has the look and feel of an early 80s computer cartrige, inspired by the Commodore 64 and design elements of the Casio CZ synthesizers.

Then, when I described my idea of an oscillator, which emulates breaking glass, he immediately started to work on the next one.

It took him 2 days to finalize the Cain++ design after I started to outline my idea of my Karplus-Strong type oscillator. I am absolutely amazed with what he did.

By the time he finished it, he approached me with the following:

“Up until now I created desigs which match the sound character of your work. Let’s turn this thing around. I wonder with what kind of oscillator you come up with for this:

Well, what can I say?

Challenge accepted!


  1. That’s funny! So are we going to have a “leaky Oscillator” type soon? lol

    • Well, to me it seems more like an abandoned cartige found on the street. I know, that there was supposed to be a dog in the image which didn’t make it. So I see my challenge in reproducing a sound of a battered and abused cartridge, which I dare to put into my gear.

  2. Ok, so such a battered and abused oscillator could have issues with:
    – ground hum
    – coarse tune (randomly skip the octave)
    – fine tune (drift out of tune)
    – volume (unstable output between too low and overdrive)
    – bad debouncing
    – noise in general
    – occasional short circuiting (all of the above)
    Any further ideas, of what could be wrong with the fella?

    • Sounds like a fantastic idea! Look, clearly the poor thing is so scared it’s peeing on the ground there. it’s likely to snap at any second 馃檪

      I love Krystal, there’s some interesting textures hidden there.

      Thank you!

      • Hi John,

        thank you for the warm words on the Krystal. I am working on improvements there as well. 馃檪

        If you have an acoustic vision of how it should sound like than I would be more than happy.



  3. Thank you for the work you do and that I particularly like. the sounds I can create are very interesting sounds. I follow your work with interest. I would like to know if it was possible to create an oscillator to create choir sounds. Have you ever thought about this kind of possibility? Or is it something that is not possible on this type of syntetizer?

    • Hi Denis,
      cool, that you’re enjoying my stuff. There sure is more to come.
      I have already ideated a bit on the topic of choir or human voices in general.
      If you check out the Arrhh! effect from hammondeggsmusic that might be an inspiring start for you – even if it is not an oscillator. I think he also has a tool, which enables you to create your own sample playback oscillator.
      Nevertheless the voice/choir topic is still on my list.

      • Thank you for answering my question thank you very much. I have already installed Arrhh from hammondeggsmusic but I find that the sound is hard it lacks softness anyway I am very touched that you answered my question again thank you.

  4. I just posted an updated version of the WTF1 . I hope you will enjoy it.

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