Generic Modulation Effect
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Of course the user engine is not only fun as oscillator, but you can also load user effects. This is especially cool, if you have an NTS-1, where you can make use of the effects engine by feeding external signals to it.

Here you will find my 5cts. on the effects I have created.

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Artwork done by in3.de

A chorus effect, which uses three separate delay lines and lfos. It comes to live through a cross-modulation between the three lfos. The speed and depth parameters are implemented. Leave a comment on how you like it.

Cain D

Artwork done by in3.de

Another chorus effect, but a more subtle one. It uses a single delay line with some filtering and a compressor/expander combination. Use the speed knob to chose one of the four implemented chorus algorithms. With the depth knob the delay can be influenced to have more depth.

An updated version is in final testing phase right now… coming soon

Previous versions:

Version 1.0.0: