CZ reloaded…

I am working on an improved version of the CAINCZ.

The envelope will have more impact on the phase distortion and also the ‘saw loop’ envelope type is now working… (I would have fixed this earlier, if someone had dropped a word 馃槈 )

Due to refactoring I was able to free some capacity to have two parallel lanes of synthesis running.

But this leads me to the following question:

How should I expose the new parameters and options, so that it is actually usable for you?


  1. Your Cain CZ synth is incredibily good ! Such an underrated Synth-type! Super well umgesetzt!
    One thing though, could you swap Shape and Shift +Shape functions? Im seein me to use the resonance more rather than the phase distortion function.

    • Thank you very much, I am happy you’re enjoying it.

      If others are sharing your impression, then I can definitely do it – but I need broader feedback before I change the general user interface. Which hardware are you using it on?

  2. Its a Minilogue XD, cain!
    Ok that’s a fair compromise.

  3. This is where I am, currently. Now I need to figure out, how to come up with a meaningful user interaction:

  4. Yes, the CCZ2 was released and now, also a first update is available with new envelope options. …. for the tweakers!

  5. Hi,

    I haven’t downloaded that last version you just released of the CZ2, but the previous one, and HUMAN (and possible others..) is bugging on my Prologue 16. At some point, not all the time but when it happens I need to reboot to get it working again, it’s like there’s only a couple of voices, if I play more than 3-4 notes, voice stealing, or something that feels like voice stealing, starts to happen, and to get things back to normal, reboot is the only way, not even changing to another patch not using your oscs is helping.

    • Hi JF,

      thank you for your comment. It is the first time, that I hear that and of course I am taking your feedback seriously.
      I do test the oscillators on an NTS-1 and also on a Prologue 16. Both oscillators are quite complex. For he CCZ2 I had to do some memory optimization and for the HUMAN I had to reduce the CPU cycles.
      During testing I added stock chorus and reverb effects to ensure, that the multi-engine can handle it without issues.
      If you can describe the scenarios, when the issues show more precicely, that would help me finding the root cause for the behaviour.

      Thanks in advance,


  6. I couldn’t really find out any process to make it happen, it just happened, and then not, and then again, though I often play using a sustain pedal, if this could have with something to do? When I load a sound it also takes some time before your oscillators are integrating with the sound, but maybe this is common?


  7. Okay, I think it starts with Human, it’s very easy to get that one to get lost, I start up, set the settings to “panel”, change Multi Engine to Human and start playing, already after a couple of chords, I experience the feeling of voices not trigger properly, maybe it’s what you are pointing out, it’s cpu hungry and as I play with both hands, big chords, maybe that eats cpu?

    Still haven’t managed to get problems with CZ2 again yet, but I’ve only played for about 15 minutes, last time after installing your oscs I sat down for hours with it before I noticed (I played for a long time first with CZ2 and it may actually have been that the problems appeared first after me starting to fiddle with Human…).

    • Hi JF,

      in the update of the CCZ2 I managed to reduce the footprint on the cpu even more. If it is not too much to ask, then I would be glad if you would try it and provide your feedback on its stability.

      Are you using the version 1.1.0 of HUMAN?


  8. I will have a look tonight after work.

    Human, the version that was available last week…

    • I have looked at the HUMAN oscillator and found a way to reduce the runtime memory consumption and also the start up time.
      If you are willing to give it a try (I tested it on my Prologue 16 with 8-key chords) then contact me via FB, or Insta or any other means, so that I can provide you the updated unit.

      Kind regards,

    • I just published a new version of the HUMAN oscillator, which has technical improvements … and three new colours.



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