CZ reloaded…

I am working on an improved version of the CAINCZ.

The envelope will have more impact on the phase distortion and also the ‘saw loop’ envelope type is now working… (I would have fixed this earlier, if someone had dropped a word 😉 )

Due to refactoring I was able to free some capacity to have two parallel lanes of synthesis running.

But this leads me to the following question:

How should I expose the new parameters and options, so that it is actually usable for you?

5 thoughts on “CZ reloaded…”

  1. Your Cain CZ synth is incredibily good ! Such an underrated Synth-type! Super well umgesetzt!
    One thing though, could you swap Shape and Shift +Shape functions? Im seein me to use the resonance more rather than the phase distortion function.

    1. Thank you very much, I am happy you’re enjoying it.

      If others are sharing your impression, then I can definitely do it – but I need broader feedback before I change the general user interface. Which hardware are you using it on?

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