Phase distortion oscillator artwork done

Summary and Features

The CAIN CZ oscillator is a user unit for the KORG *logue series (NTS-1, Minilogue XD, and Prologue), that provides a range of phase distortion wave forms inspired by the Casio Cosmo Synthesizer series from the 80s.

Basically it is a synth for your synth with phase modulation working like a filter, with optional resonance and now also with a choice of 8 step envelopes.

It features five basic phase distortions, which allow a smooth transformation from a sine to one of the following shapes: saw, square, pulse, double sine, and half sine.

Waves 1 – 6 (basic phase distortions)

The concept of phase distortion can easily be understood when looking at a saw phase distortion. Instead of using a constant read out speed (blue), the initial speed is higher until it reaches a threshold and then slowed down to complete the cycle (orange).

The the read out speed of a sine is varied.
Resulting wave after distortion

There are two alternating slots on which the wave forms can be applied. This alternates the applied phase distortion between the two selected shapes at the beginning of each cycle. So in addition to the basic shapes from above, there are another 15 phase combinations available.

Waves 7 – 21 (phase distortion combinations)

In addition a pseudo resonance can be applied to all selected wave shapes. The amount of this resonance can be adjusted to your individual taste.

The following envelopes are currently available


ShapeControls the amount of phase distortion.Implemented
Shift ShapeAdds a pseudo resonance to the wave forms. Both, the distortion as well as the resonance amount affect both alternating slots.Implemented
User Parameter 1Select the wave shape from a total of 21 available phase distortion combinations.Implemented
User Parameter 2Selects the wave shape of the carrier. Shape 1 is the standard sine wave. Waves 2 – 91 are wavetable waves.Implemented
User Parameter 3Select one of 8 different 8-state-envelopes for the phase distortionImplemented
User Parameter 4Define the envelope depth
(-100% to +100%)
User Parameter 5Define the speed of the envelopeImplemented
User Parameter 6Define the key tracking behavior of the phase distortionImplemented

How to install

Install the KORG librarian on your computer and connect your *logue device to your computer. Please make sure, that you backup your *logue device to the computer and that you save the backup file before installing any new user units.

Download the below link. Extract the correct user unit for your device.

Drag the user unit into an oscillator slot of your librarian and send it to your device.

Please be aware, that you are using the plugins at your own risk. Even though I carefully test my work I cannot take over any responsibility concerning data loss or damage done to your equipment.


If you think the plugin is useful, inspiring or fun. Then please return to the page and donate whatever you think it is worth.

You can find the download link down below. Please make sure to select the correct user unit. I hope you have fun.

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Version 1.3.0 is now available

  • Minor bug fixes (no more artifacts, when turning the shape knob)
  • Changeable carriers on parameter 2
  • Key tracking for the distortion amount on parameter 6

Here are some ideas on what you could donate if you are thinking…

“Thank you for your efforts, but I am currently broke. Still I want to support you the best I can.”

0€ – but please put a link to the unit you used in the comments of your published work


“I’ll buy you a coffee for your efforts” 2€
“Did I put my pants on before leaving the house?” 5€
“Improves my minilogue XD by 1 %” 6€
“Improves my prologue by 1%” 10€
“I’ll buy you a minilogue XD, so you can work out the details on the parameters for that unit.” 600€

Verion 1.2.3 is now available

Minor bug fix, added a description and one more envelope

Version 1.2.2

New features:

  • 13 different envelope types added
  • wave selection reduced to only one parameter

Version 1.2.1

New features:

  • 8 different envelope types added – including looped envelopes
  • Envelope depth from -100% to 100%
  • Envelope speed from 0 – 4 times the normal speed

Older Versions

Version 1.0.1 is now available:

  • tamed parameters (less aliasing and warmer sound)
  • alternating waves corrected

New Features:

  • additional sine wave

First version