I watched this video on youtube and found it very interesting.

So I looked into the topic and very quickly came up with the basic idea.

I implemented my very first karplus strong oscillator, but I can’t just stop with an oscillator, that has only a control for shape (filter) and alt+shape (feedback).

There must be something more to do with this fun little feedback idea…

I added a morph between a white noise and a tamed saw instead of the noise burst. This setting is hidden in the user parameter 1. I noticed, that someone did that before me, too.

Yes, options are limited. A sine and a triangle are too tame to start of with. Nylon type strings (square type-sounding) are nicely covered by the noise and the filter.

So that leaves pulse and saw as basic wave forms to chose from.

I opted for a filtered saw, because it nicely fits into the next gadget I implemented in the oscillator – a continuously feeding, detunable saw wave.

For the continuous saw wave, you can change the volume and the pitch with the user parameters 2 and 3. The feedback algorithm takes care, that the detuned saw is in perfect pitch with the rest, but it can still add some coloration.

Try to set param1 (pluck) to somewhere between 90 – 99, param2 (vol) to around 50 and param3 (freq) to 12. Play it in the base range and please feel free to leave a comment.


Here are some ideas on what you could donate if you are thinking…

“Improves my NUTEKT NTS-1 by 1%” 1€
“I’ll buy you a coffee for your efforts” 2€
“Did I put my pants on before leaving the house?” 5€
“Improves my minilogue XD by 1 %” 6€
“Improves my prologue by 1%” 10€
“I’ll buy you a minilogue XD, so you can work out the details on the parameters for that unit.” 600€