The Krystal is available now.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas and thoughts in the last development phase. They really bring great value to the now available version 1.0.1 of the oscillator.

Fortunately I was able to implement some (or maybe almost all) of them.

It would be great, if you could share your patches and ideas on how you actually apply the Krystal in your projects.

For a start:

Breaking Glass
ShapePosition7-8 o’clock
Shift ShapeTimbre5 o’clock
Parameter 1Env Mod92
Parameter 2Env Speed97
Parameter 3Attack1
Parameter 4Harmony5
Parameter 5HiPass1
Parameter 6Decay33

The KRYSTAL is coming…

For the KRYSTAL my vision is to build an oscillator, which is capable of capturing the different phases of an object, which is being shattered into pieces.

I imagine the initial chaotic sound, when all the pieces are very close to each other to be chaotic and that the collision of the objects will disrupt the natural decay of each other, to be very suitable for percussive sounds.

As we move along the timeline these interactions will be less, so the already shattered pieces will have more time to decay.

I am assuming an infinite room for this, so there will not be a sudden stop phase, where all shards end up on the floor with a thumping, non harmonic sound.

Due to the processor limitations of the NTS-1, which I own, I had to reduce the number of fractured pieces to 6.

But I am emulating more, by changing the size of the pieces….

Nevertheless, I hope, if you use this sound on a polyphonic synth (which I cannot afford at the moment and why I am asking for a donation), then you will have the illusion of much more.

When ever a crystal slot is free, it is re-triggered with a random initial volume and a random pitch. (Where the random pitch is taken out of a table with currently 8 slots with different musical intervals ranging from a few cents off to +2 octaves)

I am especially interested in comments concerning:

  • which kind of intervals should be available for the crystals
  • is an envelope needed to control the shape, which is the proximity of the crystals
  • what kind of envelope for the shape would be needed? Would decay and sustain be sufficient?
  • shift shape controls the timbre of the crystals … should I add discrete steps here and if so, which ones?
  • what other controls would you like to have?