Other Projects

Besides my development for the Korg User Unit in particular I am engaged in some other projects, which could be of interest to a few fellow synthesizer enthusiasts.

The first project to mention is my browser based editor for the Casio VZ1 / VZ10m and Hohner HS-2 synthesizer range.

They are synthesizers, which came out in the late 80s as successor of the Casio CZ range. The form of synthesis they used is called iPD (interactive Phase Distortion), which is very similar to Yamaha’s FM synthesis.

Screenshot of the current version as of December 2020

Due to the fact that a ‘tone’ on a VZ synthesizer consists of 8 modules, where each module has its own 8-step envelope, two 8-zone key follow curves, detune, envelope and vca sensitivity and curve, and a lot more it is difficult to have all parameters in view, when you are working on a unit, where the backlight of the screen has died. (The former is what we in Germany consider to be a good sentence, btw)

Since I had to gain some basic understanding of JS and web interfaces in 2014 I decided to do an exploration on the subject by applying it to something, that could be of use. Thus I came up with a concept of a synth-editor and expanded that to state, where I could use it to interact with my ancient gear.

End of 2020 I decided to revive it, since in the meantime the web midi api was created. Also I put it on GitHub, to make it available to whoever can make use of it.

You can find it here: https://pete-cain.github.io/VZEdit/