An updated version of HUMAN is now available!

I did some technical improvements to the HUMAN oscillator and added three new colours on that occasion.

I hope you will enjoy it.


  1. bonus
    hope I can get working

  2. Late to this party, but maybe you can help?
    I’m enjoying using Human (in conjunction with plant to MIDI sensors, as it happens), but I’m struggling to access the 6 3xtra parameters?

    Most of the info out there refers to the XD and Prologue, but you specifically mention the NTS-1 in reference to the portamento parameter.

    I’ve tried sending the CC strings (98,06,63), but they don’t seem to affect the device. Any hints?

    Thanks for your work, it’s much appreciated.

    • Hi Rurs,
      I am not sure if I understand you correctly. In order to access the oscillator’s parameters press the oscillator button and use the type encoder to select the parameter. Use the B-knob to adjust the parameter value.
      The NTS-1 has only a subset of common MIDI implementation and therefore I do not have access to the MIDI control for portamento.
      Please try to set the portamento value as I described above.

      • Hi Pete, thanks for clarifying.
        I hadn’t read the manual properly, so hadn’t realised the 6 extra parameters were accessed from the front panel in that way.

        I was trying to modify them via NRPNs, which are available for the Prologue. But obviously not for the NTS-1. Which is unfortunate, as I would like to be able to send
        CC/NRPN snapshots, to effectively change presets. So I’ll just have to live with the extra parameters loading the defaults, when Human, for example, is selected.

  3. Hi Rurs,
    Is it possible to get somehow source code for your nts osc? Thanks, Slaw

  4. Hello Pete,

    The link to your CAIN WTF1 for NUTEKT NTS-1 appears to be broken. When I click on it I get a message that the link is a security risk and the file then downloads with 0 bytes. Is there any chance of getting a functioning download link for WTF for the NTS-1? Thanks!


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