The Krystal is available now.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas and thoughts in the last development phase. They really bring great value to the now available version 1.0.1 of the oscillator.

Fortunately I was able to implement some (or maybe almost all) of them.

It would be great, if you could share your patches and ideas on how you actually apply the Krystal in your projects.

For a start:

Breaking Glass
ShapePosition7-8 o’clock
Shift ShapeTimbre5 o’clock
Parameter 1Env Mod92
Parameter 2Env Speed97
Parameter 3Attack1
Parameter 4Harmony5
Parameter 5HiPass1
Parameter 6Decay33

CAIN CZ – New Version Available

Finally I can announce the release of the improved version of the CAIN CZ.

It is now more and more a synthesizer on its own. Under the hood I implemented an 8-step-envelope with sustain and loop as modulation source.

Exposed to the user are eight predefined envelopes, which can be influenced in terms of depth ( -100% – +100% … John I hear you) and in terms of speed ( 0 – 4 times the original speed).

There is no LFO implemented, …. but try to run envelopes 6 and 7 with different speed settings.

Please feel free to post your ideas on what kind of envelopes you would like to have.

Feedback on Cain CZ

In order to further improve the functionality and sound quality of my plugin, I am dependent on your feedback. Please feel free to add your comments.

Question 1:
I would like to add simple sine where the shape dial on its own will have no effect, but the resonance will effect it. Also, it could soften the spectrum in combination with others.

Question 2:
Do you prefer two separate parameters for wave A and wave B, or should I just use one parameter to switch through all possible (21) combinations?

sawsquarepulsedouble sinehalf sinesine

double sine

half sine