Update available for the CAIN CZ

I have managed to ban the artifacts on the CZ if you are using the shape knob. In addition I used the opportunity to add two more features. You now can change the carrier wave from sine to a number of waveshapes. This adds somtimes a subtle or a strong change of timbre to the sound. In addition a key tracking feature is added to shape the sound, by defining to which extend the distortion should react.

You might want to try the following patch ideas:

Sag Ja

ShapePhase Distortion1o’clock
Shift ShapeResonance6-7o’clock
Param 1Wave1value
Param 2Carrier24value
Param 3Env Type1value
Param 4Env Modulation-50value
Param 5Env Speed-42value
Param 6Key Track100value

You might have to tweak it a bit, but I think you get the general idea.


ShapePhase Distortion6-7o’clock
Shift ShapeResonance6-7o’clock
Param 1Wave1value
Param 2Carrier1value
Param 3Env Type5value
Param 4Env Modulation100value
Param 5Env Speed-22 – +9value
Param 6Key Track100value
CASIO CZ style trumpet sound

If you are trying the above on a mini- or prologue, I would be very happy to receive some feedback.

CAIN CZ – New Version Available

Finally I can announce the release of the improved version of the CAIN CZ.

It is now more and more a synthesizer on its own. Under the hood I implemented an 8-step-envelope with sustain and loop as modulation source.

Exposed to the user are eight predefined envelopes, which can be influenced in terms of depth ( -100% – +100% … John I hear you) and in terms of speed ( 0 – 4 times the original speed).

There is no LFO implemented, …. but try to run envelopes 6 and 7 with different speed settings.

Please feel free to post your ideas on what kind of envelopes you would like to have.